mystery ep

by battle bend

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recorded august '10


released August 24, 2010

d andrew stevens, matt puckett



all rights reserved


battle bend Austin, Texas

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Track Name: what i need
i'm just standing here
with my arms open wide
look inside my head
you can see what i'm thinking

i've got shit to hide
just come on inside
take my friends and take my plans
i don't need them

and on the car ride to your place
you said with a face i'd never seen
"this is what i need,
i need this,
this is what i need."
Track Name: heather, remind me how this ends
i'm on a plane that i pray won't get off the ground.
it's a perfectly clear day
but i've got storm clouds in my mind

how foolish,
why do this?
why i'd do it all again.

heather, remind me how this ends

give me a few days
and i swear i'll be feeling fine.
i can't stop moving,
i look backwards in time.
back to a place that was so good we both pretend

heather, remind me how this ends

when i call you up
please check the timbre of your voice.
don't let it drop
when you hear your little boy.
i send money every friday
on that you can depend.

heather, remind me how this ends
Track Name: how could i, who's got nothing?
how could i,
who's got nothing,
think that i could be with you?

when the words don't come to mind
i feel like you're waiting on someone

i've got nothing to hide,
except for what's inside,
like the things i think at night
when i should be sleeping

i could be wrong
this might not be what we're looking for